Becoming licensed

There are multiple forms of license available with Appalachian State University, depending on the type of product, how it is manufactured and whether you are in-state.

  • Standard License: allows you to produce products for resale, including, but not limited to, wholesale and retail.
  • Internal Usage License: allows you to produce products intended to be sold directly to the university that are not for resale. This does not include sales to the University Bookstore.

Apply for a license

License Request

The Licensing Coordinator, who oversees the use of the university's trademarks on all products and services, works closely with Affinity Licensing to ensure that all products bearing the university trademarks are produced by licensed vendors. All designs must be approved by the Licensing Coordinator before products can be manufactured or printed. The university's royalty rate is 12 percent on products sold commercially.

For more information on becoming licensed visit or contact Wil Spires with Affinity at (760) 860-4005 ext. 270