Top 10 reasons to use a licensed vendor

Licensed vendors have been authorized by Appalachian State to sell products with the Appalachian name and logos. Why buy from a licensed vendor?

Here are 10 reasons:

  1. The university requires that Appalachian State-branded items be purchased from licensed vendors.
  2. Using a licensed vendor protects Appalachian State from product liability.
  3. Licensed vendors are required to carry product liability insurance.
  4. The use of licensed vendors ensures that the Appalachian State name and logos are not used improperly.
  5. A licensed vendor is more likely to offer you a better discount than a non-licensed company.
  6. Licensed vendors are accustomed to working with Appalachian State students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  7. Licensed vendors have access to Appalachian State logos and other artwork.
  8. Licensed vendors will acquire the necessary approvals for your design.
  9. Licensed vendors are knowledgeable about the requirements and policies of the university.
  10. Non-licensed vendors will be required to complete the licensing process before they can fulfill your order. Licensed vendors have already been through the process. And remember, all promotional companies have access to the same products.