Student organizations

Officially recognized student groups may purchase merchandise displaying both the student organization’s name/logo and University trademarks for organization internal use with permission of the Trademark Licensing Office.

University trademarks may not be altered and all merchandise must include the organization’s name/logo prominently on the product. Student organizations are required to use licensed manufacturers for merchandise purchased for the organization’s internal use as well as for external use.

A recognized student group that uses a trademark without obtaining approval or after approval has been denied, or that alters a trademark, may be subject to campus-based discipline for violation of the University's policy. In addition, the University may seek an injunction or other judicial remedies for infringing uses. As stated in Enforcement, the University "will use every means within the law to vigorously pursue any infringement of our federally registered trademark rights." Also, see Legal Notices and Disclaimer (re: uses that may constitute a legitimate exercise of the constitutional right of free speech or trademark or copyright fair use).

All merchandise purchased for use by organization members only will be exempt from royalties. If the merchandise is for the student members of the organization, the vendor will not have to pay royalties on the items. This should be reflected in the price to the organization.

If the merchandise is for resale to anyone else, even as a fund-raiser for charity, royalties must be paid by the vendor. Royalties will also be due if an origanization has a sponsors logo on the item.

Steps for Approval

Student organizations who wish to use App State marks on apparel (such as t-shirts, hats or golf shirts, etc.) and gift items (such as mugs, key chains, jewelry, etc.) must follow these steps:

  1. Click here to complete the license request and artwork submission online. As long as the item is not for resale, the royalty fee is typically waived.
  2. Once the artwork and approval form is received the Licensing Director will approve/disapprove your artwork and notify the printer.
  3. Once notified by the Licensing Director and the printer has received the approval form via email you are free to print your item.
  4. If you have any questions about the process, contact Morgan Rogers, who handles all approvals.

Internal vendors

There are a number of licensed vendors that can help you obtain the merchandise you need. Many of these licensees are primarily apparel printers. But some can supply a number of other licensed goods such as inexpensive gifts, favors, and office-related merchandise. Below is a list of internal licensees:

  • Go Postal: 828-262-0027
  • M-Prints, Inc.: 828-265-4929
  • Omega Tees and Screenprint, LLC: 828-264-4562
  • Blue Horse Promotions: 828-265-4438
  • Appalachian Tees, Inc.: 828-265-1333
  • Mountaineer Mania, Inc.: 828-262-5234
  • Precision Printing: 828-265-0004
  • TNT Ad Specialties: 919-436-1832

Appalachian licensees

For a complete list of Appalachian's licensees please download Appalachian State University Licensees by Category (PDF, 123KB). (Updated June 2015)