Learfield Licensing Partners

Appalachian uses Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) as its primary licensing agent. The primary functions of LLP include: facilitating the licensing process for licensees, executing licensing agreements, monitoring the marketplace for unlicensed use of trademarks, collecting royalties and conducting compliance review audits of licensed manufacturers. Information on the services they provide, including a copy of an application and license agreement, can be found at www.learfieldlicensing.com (this is an off-campus website).

LRG LogoLearfield Licensing Partners:

426 Century Lane, Suite 100
Holland, Michigan 49423
Telephone: (616) 395-0676
Facsimile: (616) 395-2517

LLC and the Fair Labor Association

Another responsibility of Learfield Licensing Partners (LLP) is the enforcement of the Fair Labor Association. LLP holds a seat on the Fair Labor Associations University Advisory Council and Executive Committee, as well as regularly attending meetings, seminars and industry events covering anti-sweatshop considerations. LLP has also visited several of its client's campuses to participate in educational meetings with students and staff regarding this issue, and has addressed numerous on and off-campus interest groups.

LLP requires all active licensees to describe detailed information regarding manufacturing locations used to produce licensed merchandise. Manufacturers applying for a license are required to disclose the information during the application process. Minimally, LLP requires each licensee to adhere to the code set forth by the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Interested parties may view FLA's code of conduct here.